Nashua Streets

The "Streets of Nashua" was a 2006 project of AP US History students from Nashua High Schools, North and South, under the direction of Miss Poulin. If you notice any omissions or errors, please forward that information to the City Clerk via email along with the source of your information so that we can verify your report. We will create an "errata" page that will clarify the students' work.

Research On this project has been conducted by the following:
Christopher Anderson, Stephen Charbonneau, Nicholas Cote, Joseph Gustitus, Elizabeth Laws, Jonathan Mayer, Ben Mello, Elizabeth Mishkin, Sean O’Neil, Kristen Rahilly, Renee Reder, Kyle Richardson, Juliana Ross, Tyler Seymour, Laurel Warner, John Wendel and Molly Wild.
Special Credit
Special credit goes to:
  • Renee Reder - Editor
  • Kyle Richardson - Format
  • Stephen Charbonneau - Format
  • Nicholas Cote - Artistic Design
Photo Gallery
See a collection of historical photos.

  • Elizabeth Laws - Artistic Design
  • Libby Mishkin and Juliana Ross - Photos and Design
  • Ben Mello - Data Assembly, Stress Factor


  1. A

    View A Street through Aztec Road.

  2. B

    View B Street through Byfield Street.

  3. C

    View C Street through Cypress Lane.

  4. D

    View D Street through Durham Street.

  5. E

    View E Street through Everett Street.

  6. F

    View Factory Street through Frost Drive.

  7. G

    View Gagnon Circle through Guilford Lane.

  8. H

    View Haines Street through Hyannis Street.

  9. I

    View Inca Drive through Ivy Lane.

  10. J

    View Jackson Avenue to Juniper Lane.

  11. K

    View Kanata Drive through Kyle Street.

  12. L

    View Laconia Street through Lutheran Drive.

  13. M

    View Madera Circle through Myrtle Street.

  1. N

    View Nashua Drive through Nye Avenue.

  2. O

    View Oak Street through Overlook Drive.

  3. P

    View Pacific Boulevard through Prospect Street.

  4. Q

    View Quaker Road through Quinton Drive.

  5. R

    View Railroad Square through Ryan Way.

  6. S

    View Sacramento Street through Snow Circle.

  7. T

    View Tacoma Circle through Trestle Brook Drive.

  8. U

    View Unicorn Way and University Drive.

  9. V

    View Van Buren through Virginia Drive.

  10. W

    View Walnut Street through Wright Road.

  11. Y

    View historical information on Yvonne Street.

  12. Z

    View historical information on Zellwood Street.